Think in circles

Beitrag zur Ausstellung „Design and Environment“ der Klasse für Ideen zusammen mit der Klasse aus Hangzhou, China, im November 2022 in Wien.
Teil der 100 besten Plakate 2022

This is not a perfect circle. But the start is the end so there is no concrete beginning or ending. There is no zero, no neglect of the things before, because they can’t be neglected. think in circles. Don’t think you can start something from the very beginning, or that you have to. Use everything that was before and don’t waste the result. Keep going, like the many systems in our environment. The earth is a circle that moves on a circle around a circle with all the many other circles and surrounded by a circle itself. We as designers design things for society with ideas we have because we are part of the society. Therefore we have an influence on society which influences our next ideas for society. We have the possibility to design things that aren‘t wasted afterwards, we can create circles, not only as a way of thinking. Your blood is moving in a circle, and all the times I said circle before I actually meant loop or system. It does not matter which form exactly it is, it is only about not being or thinking linearly. Think in circles.