Plus One Exhibition Branding

In 2019, 5 years after Russia’s war in Ukraine started, Youry Bilak, a Ukrainian photographer, made a photo project, in which Ukrainian families tell the stories of their loved ones – Ukrainian soldiers who perished in the war. Each narrative, each individual is one small grain, one tiny unit of a module in a living organism. By telling their stories, we brought them back to life.

Each family has chosen an object that most reminds them of their departed (a father’s jacket, a son’s guitar, a suit of medieval armor, a book) and took a photo with them. These family artifacts reflect a living continuation of the departed loved one.

In my first ad agency, along with a talented art director, we created branding for the project, including a name, visual identity, and statement. In 2020, we received the Red Dot Award in “Brands & Communication Design”.