Our Only World – Stop saving the whales

The marine charity Our Only World has won a big amount of free digital OOH sites, from the media site owner Ocean Outdoor. It was our task to fill those sites with an exciting creative communicating how their SeAlive Tiles restore our ocean.

Man made structures like harbour walls are dead-zones for marine life. But the marine charity Our Only Worlds creates SeAlive Tiles, which work like insect hotels in the sea. They bring back over 30% more marine life and a single tile brings back over 80 species. They start by encouraging small creatures and organisms to come back, which then starts a chain reaction, leading to bigger creatures returning to our seas.

Most charities focus on saving the big and glamorous animals – the whales, the dolphins, the sharks. But the little creatures are the ones sustaining the bigger ones. That’s why we focused on the smaller ones.

For our posters we used provocative language – flipping the narrative to show that if want to save the big creatures, we need to start from the bottom of the food chain, otherwise the larger ones have nothing to feed on.