Josefine Roman

„JOSEFINE-ROMAN.OTF“ is a custom designed Font for the music video „Julius – Broken Piano Peace“. It was suitably named after the main actress of the video, Josefine.

The font was developed over the last few months and has already been used in the music video for titles and credits in combination with Helvetica and a striking glow effect.

Josefine Roman was designed as a stand-alone headline font and features arrows as well as a small amount of punctuation and special characters. This font works perfectly for covers and text layouts, whether for books, magazines, music albums, titles, or simply for visually appealing headlines on websites.

Josefine Roman’s proportions are thin and delight with its raised verticals and aggressive serifs. It works beautifully when used in headlines, and brings out the lightness of your layouts when used as plain text in smaller sizes.

At the moment I am still testing the font, therefore only a beta version is available on request.