gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss <3

Gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss is a meme that critiques so called »Girlboss Feminism« by simply making fun of it. All three words describe practices that are used to unfairly succeed in a capitalist, money-driven society. Girlboss feminism is a pseudo-activist, capitalist money-making scam that tricks people into thinking that the so called girlbosses are feminist icons, while their only interested in personal success and profit. It creates the illusion that every woman if she only works hard enough has the opportunity to become a successful #girlboss. We are living in a system, where this is simply not correct. Most people just do not have the time, resources, and especially the privilege to invest in a glamorous carrier where they can wear pant suits and drink an iced latte every day. 

Mainly white, cis, female academics have the opportunity to do so. There is no interest in changing the discriminating structures, making their feminism more of a performance than actual activism.  Feminism needs to be intersectional and fight for equal rights and opportunities for everyone. It cannot be exclusive. 

Crocheting is still seen as a female craft and was used to create this vest, that can be worn and used as a conversation starter. A lot of people, especially older generations, do not know about this phrase nor girlboss feminism, so when they ask what the phrase means, it’s time to be educated.

Typeface: Serifbabe, by Charlotte Rohde