Enter the Symbiocene

We are living in disconnection from our environment. Where does your own human body start? Where does it end? The Anthropocene is the period named after humanity. Our specie‘s dominance over the planet is leading us to exploitative capitalism, war, pandemics, climate change and finally the destruction of all life on earth. Are bacteria just living inside us or are we one? We talk about nature as if we are not part of it, as if our natural environment is opposite to our human culture. Mushrooms connect through mycelium, an underground network, communicating with each other and their environment. They are a window to understand nature in a deeper way. Is it even possible to exist beyond individuality? Humans are descendants of mycelium, the mother of us all. Thinking in symbiotic ways implies existing for mutual benefit. Life evolves through collaboration rather than conflict. Through thinking of life and earth as one big organism we reconnect, lose our self-centered view and live as one, in final peace.