Tibor Barci

1950 born in Budapest/Hungary 

1970-73 University of Vienna: philosophy/drama & theater studies 

1973 first job as copywriter 

1973 Bárci Advertising (founder) 

1980 Bárci & Scholdan Advertising (co-founder, creative director) 

1985 Agency rebranded into Bárci & Partner (CEO) 

1985-91 Board Member of Creative Club Austria (CCA) 

1994-95 Lecturer copywriting & strategy @ Advertising Academy Vienna 

1997-98 Lecturer copywriting @ University of Vienna (Department of Communication) 

2000 Bárci & Partner becomes member of Young & Rubicam Group, 
Rebranding of the agency into Bárci & Partner/Young & Rubicam (CEO) 

2001-07 President of the Creative Club Austria 

2008-12 Head of Group Identity Erste Group Bank AG 

since 2012- Adviser to the Board Erste Group Bank AG, Creative Consultant, Identity Adviser 

Tibor Bárci has won numerous awards at ADC, CCA, New York Festival, Cannes, Clio, et al. 
He lives in Vienna and has 2 children 

Workshop zum Gossage Day.