Admission examination

On this page we offer the most recent information on the requirements for portfolio submissions and admission exam to our class in February 2021. Due to the current circumstances, we ask you to visit this page regularly to stay up to date. 



• Minimum age for candidates is 17 years of age.

• It is not necessary to have passed the Austrian higher secondary school leaving examination.

• Admission exam will be held in German. In exceptional cases, applicants can also take the exam in English.



Structure of the admission exam 2021:


Part 1 – Submission of portfolio:

• Submission of the application with work samples.

• Selection of candidates for Part 2.


Part 2 – Exam:

• Exam with theoretical and practical tasks.

• Interview with teaching staff of the class.

• Selections of candidates who qualify to study in Klasse für Ideen from September 2021



Information to Part 1 – Submission of portfolio:

Content :

•  Short letter of application
•  Work and work samples: Free and / or customer-oriented projects in the field of design and communication and ideas in a freely chosen topic, carried out in various techniques:

e.g. typography and layout: logos, business cards, poster drafts, magazines, etc., freehand drawings of people, nature and objects, printmaking, photography, painting (work on canvas in the form of photos in the portfolio),
film, text or online work

•  Credentials (copies only)


Procedure for submitting the portfolio
• Modality and submission deadline: This year's application process will, unlike in the past, be largely digital or online. The first step is the registation and submission of the portfolio in digital form: 1.2.2021 till 6.2.2021 (9am).
• Technical specifications: Upload presentation in PDF format (max. 50 MB)
• Films: If films are part of the portfolio, we ask you to present extracts from them as stills / screenshots  and to make the actual film available to us as a separate link.
• Due to the high number of applications, we ask for a clear, accessible and quickly comprehensible form of the portfolio.


Further information and the registration link can be found on the Angewandte website:


Invitation to Part 2 – Exam:

After our jury has examined the portfolios, some of the applicants will be invited to an examination and an interview. All of the applicants will be notified if they are eligible for Part 2. If you receive an invitation for Part 2, please proceed as follows.


Information to Part 2 – Exam:

• Exam week: 22.—26.2.2021.

The exam takes place exclusively online, more specifically via email and Zoom. Please familiarise yourself with the technologies and keep yourself free for the entire week. Access to a stable internet connection, participation in Zoom meetings and the ability to digitise analog work (scanner and / or camera – such as in mobile phones) during the exam week are required. The exact schedule and further details will be sent with the invitation to Part 2. From this point on, we are also available for detailed technical questions.


Portfolio reviews

We cannot offer individual appointments at the moment. 



For further information and a selection of exemplary tasks to get prepared for our examination, please download the following files. If you have any other queries concerning your application, portfolio or examination procedures, please refer to our list of FAQs.


exam task examples (pdf)


last update: 26.01.2021

angewandte © Grafik und Werbung
Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien
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Admission examination
angewandte © Grafik und Werbung
Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien
Univ.-Prof. Matthias Spaetgens